FYC/<emma>™ Computer Labs:
Park 117, 118, 119

The FYC/<emma>™ computer labs are located on the first floor of the new wing in Park Hall. Lab 117 is open to students and instructors every week day 8:00-5:00 M-F for printing FYC-related documents, for performing <emma>™-related tasks such as uploading and peer reviewing, and for technical assistance with <emma>™ or any of its relevant software. Labs 118 and 119 are available to FYC sections for reservation. Labs 118 and 119 are used near the beginning of each semester for <emma>™ orientation, and Labs 117 and 118 are used near the end for course and instructor evaluations.

The First-year Composition program is committed to the relevance of technology to teaching, and the computers in each of these labs is equipped with software conducive to that goal. In addition to software for <emma>™, each lab computer has recent Microsoft Office tools and is networked to a printer. For students with special needs, the computers along the interior wall of each lab are equipped with software to meet those needs. Lab 117 also has a computer with a scanner and software for converting word processor files to pdf. The computers themselves are all PC desktops, but each room has wireless access to the PAWS network, and Lab 117 has a laptop station.


Lab Schedules, Spring 2012

  • <emma> Lab Orientation Schedule
  • Room 118 Sign-Up Lab Schedule
  • Room 119 Sign-Up Lab Schedule
  • Teaching Evaluation Schedule
  • Classroom Access for Wired Classrooms