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Gina Abelkop is the author of the poetry collections I Eat Cannibals ( 2014) and Darling Beastlettes (Apostrophe Books 2012). She was a 2013 Frontier Fellow in Green River, UT and recipient of a 2016 UGA Willson Center Research Grant. Research interests include queer and feminist/womanist theory, twentieth century African American novels, lesbian feminist novels of the 1970s, and print cultures of twentieth century civil rights movements. She is editor of the DIY feminist press Birds of Lace and is a contributing editor at the websites Entropy and Weird Sister.


B.A., Antioch College, 2005

Selected Publications:

I Eat Cannibals (full-length poetry collection, 2014)

Darling Beastlettes (full-length poetry collection, Apostrophe Books 2012)

Trollops in Love (chapbook, dancing girl press 2011)


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