Frankenstein and Child
400 Fine Arts, The Balcony Theater

Frankenstein is 200 years old! In recognition of the international celebrations surrounding this anniversary, the Willson Center presents the Fall 2018 Cinema Roundtable on “Mary Shelley, Frankenstein, and Cinematic Adaptations.”

This roundtable gathers together panelists from literature and film, including Roxanne Eberle, Nancee Reeves, and Holly Gallagher from the English Department, along with Christopher Sieving from theatre and film studies, and special guest Eddy von Mueller, co-editor of Frankenstein: How A Monster Became an Icon (2018) and former senior lecturer in film and media studies at Emory University. The panel will address the core themes of Shelley’s work and Frankenstein’s cinematic legacy. The audience will be invited to participate and the event is free and open to the public. Richard Neupert of theatre and film studies will moderate the panel.