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The UGA Graduate English Program offers M.A. and Ph.D. degrees.

As a large program, we are able to offer a wide variety of courses, ranging from the traditional to the innovative. Courses in literary periods, major authors, and theoretical movements are supplemented by specialized seminars based on current faculty research interests. Topics taught in recent seminars include “Metropolitan Modernity,” “Modernism and the Aristocracy,” “Literature, Media, and Information in the Nineteenth Century,” “Novels of the Romantic Period,” “Traveling East in Early Modern English Literature,” “Varieties of Aesthetic Experience,” "Graph and Photograph", “American Poetry and the Art of the Everyday,” “Native American Novel,” “Thing Theories,” and “Rhetorics of the (Un)Dead.” Other recent seminars have focused on individual authors such as James Baldwin, James Joyce, and William Faulkner.

Such a variety of course offerings signals both our recognition of intellectual and disciplinary change and our abiding commitment to traditional literary history. Course offerings arise from faculty research interests, and because we have very few course requirements -particularly at the doctoral level- our program encourages students to follow the example of an intellectually engaged faculty in designing their own programs of study.

Recognizing that the burden of professional development is shared by graduate students and faculty alike, we work closely with our graduate students to help them develop professionally as scholars and teachers. Acknowledging that research, publication, and undergraduate teaching are never distinct practices, we provide opportunities to connect research with teaching, to present scholarly work to a range of audiences, and to become part of a larger intellectual community beyond the English Department. Please send initial inquiries to the Graduate Academic Advisor, Amanda Cross at or phone at 706-542-2197.


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