Christopher Pizzino

Assistant Professor Phone: 706-542-9267 Office: 203 Park Hall

Assistant Professor, PhD Rutgers University 2008, specializes in Contemporary American Literature.  His teaching and research interests include comics and graphic narratives, science fiction and theory of the novel.  He has published essays on Cormac McCarthy, Gilbert Hernandez, Frank Miller and Slavoj Zizek.  An article on comics literacy and cultural memory is forthcoming in PMLA.  An essay on comics and animal studies is forthcoming in Funny Animals, an edited collection from Ohio State University Press.  He is currently completing a book entitled Arrested Development: Comics at the Boundaries of Literature.

Office hours:

For fall 2014:

Tuesday and Thursday 12:30-1:30 p.m. and by appointment

Christopher Pizzino
Fall 15 ENGL4760 Contemp Amer Lit PIZZINO, CHRISTOPHER 90352 T R 09 :30 AM Park Hall 0144
Fall 15 ENGL4864 Hist Theory Novel PIZZINO, CHRISTOPHER 87979 T R 12 :30 AM Park Hall 0250
Spring 15 ENGL2340 Am Lit Since 1865 PIZZINO, CHRISTOPHER 28101 T R 11 :00 AM Park Hall 0074
Spring 15 ENGL4896 Comics and Graph Narr PIZZINO, CHRISTOPHER 28069 T R 3 :30 PM Park Hall 0250
Spring 15 ENGL4960H Directed Reading PIZZINO, CHRISTOPHER 33723 00 :01 AM No Classroom Required NCRR
Spring 15 ENGL9000 Doctoral Research PIZZINO, CHRISTOPHER 34696 00 :00 AM No Classroom Required
Spring 15 ENGL9300 Doct Dissertation PIZZINO, CHRISTOPHER 34645 00 :00 AM No Classroom Required